How to properly plan posts on Instagram

Planning for publications helps engage your audience and increase the number of subscribers. To keep the audience involved, one post per week is not enough. Spread posts on a regular basis, without breaks for vacations and holidays.

Save your time

Instead of dropping all things daily and writing another post, use tools that let you plan content in advance. You can also use the service free instagram likes, which will help in promoting your account.

Spend a few hours at the beginning or at the end of the week on the content plan to write several posts and think over the visual part. Transfer the content to your planner and the planned posts will come out clearly according to your schedule.

Improve aesthetics

On Instagram, more than on any other social network, brands care about the appearance of the account. Planned posts help to trace the harmony of the feed before posting. Aesthetics is the first thing potential customers will notice when they enter your profile. The unique and uniform design of the Instagram feed is not only visually pleasing, but can significantly improve brand recognition and increase business success.

Increase engagement

An easy way to get more likes on Instagram is to post when your subscribers are online. And how to do this is described below.

How to build a content strategy

1. Select an account type

Like to teach people? Talk about yourself, travel and your life? Sell ​​services / products? Build on your interests. Choose the type of account that suits your goals.

Benefits of a business account:

  1. Built-in statistics;
  2. Communication with clients: you can add an active link, phone number — the “Call” button under the profile header; add a button with an address or email;
  3. Advertising: launch posts and stories from the Instagram application.
  4. Shopping Tags: for the category of online stores, the feature of tagging products on Instagram is available (similar to the ability to tag people).